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Few things are more stressful than getting arrested and being incarcerated. The prisoner is separated from their family until bond can be paid, which leaves everyone with a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Caprock Bail Bonds erases those feelings by reuniting loved ones and helping families to post bail bond in Lubbock, TX for their jailed loved ones. Speak to a bail bondsman at 806-722-2120 today.

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Caprock Bail Bonds has been providing the local area with expert bail bond service for 23 years. All of our bail bond agents are certified and licensed for protection and ease of mind. Along with posting bail for clients in need, we also provide bounty hunting, skip trace, insurance investments, civil process services, criminal and civil investigations, and credit bonds. We are available 24 hours a day to help you as we know that a person can get arrested at any time. If you are arrested in the dead of night, don’t think you have to wait until morning to contact us! We will get you out of that jail cell within a few hours after you call us.

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Almost all defendants will get bail unless they are deemed a threat to the community or a flight risk before their trial. If you are being held without bond, you, unfortunately, have to stay in jail until your court date.

If you have just been arrested, you will not know your bail until you see a judge on the next free weekday. This means you have no choice but to stay in jail without bail all weekend if you were arrested Friday until you can identify and post bail on Monday. Some jails have the most common bond amounts listed on charts for convenience. No matter your situation, Caprock Bail Bonds is here to help you post your bail bond in Lubbock, TX. Call us at 806-722-2120 for any questions.