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Being arrested is scary enough, but being placed in jail is absolutely gut-wrenching. Prison is a strange and distressing place for many people, and unfortunately, you cannot be released until your bail is posted. That is why our agency makes it our mission to help free you from jail as quickly as possible as soon as you know your bond. Phone Caprock Bail Bonds as soon as you find out your bond so we can immediately discharge you. Being in jail not only threatens your finances and family, but your job as well, since you can’t show up to work while in jail. You can await your trial from your house when you post bail bond instead of staying in jail until your court hearing. Speak to one of our staff now about how we can get you released from imprisonment and be reunited with your family quickly. You can better prepare for your approaching trial by talking with a lawyer when you are free from jail. Dial 806-722-2120 and speak to a bail bond agent in Anderson County, TX about how we can assist you post bond today. With the multitude of bail services we provide, you will find just what you are looking for.

Bail Bond Agent In These Locations

No matter where you are in the county, if you have a bail or bond that needs paying, Caprock Bail Bonds will help. No matter what you are incarcerated for, our staff does not single out, and our only goal is to bond you out. We just want you freed from prison and safely home. That is why we extend our help outside of our city and offer bail bonds services to a number of cities across Texas. For bail assistance in any of the below-mentioned cities, contact our bail bond agent now:

Emergency Bail Bond Services

With over 23 years serving Anderson County, TX and beyond, Caprock Bail Bonds can help free you from incarceration by coordinating a bail bond payment plan with you or your family and assisting them with paying it. If you need bail money immediately, we are available 24/7 and supply emergency and fast jail bail or bond. We will be by your side even after you post bond, helping you throughout the bond and court trial procedure with empathetic support. From domestic violence offenses to immigration bail or bonds, our bail bondsmen are here for you and ready to help. Reach Caprock Bail Bonds at 806-722-2120 if you require a bail bond agent in Anderson County, TX.