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If You Have Been Arrested and Need Bail Bonds Service, Call Us Now

Why spend time in jail if you don’t have to? If you know the bail amount that a judge has set for a loved one, but need help paying it, call Caprock Bail Bonds. We offer bail bonds service types such as cash bonds, property bonds, surety bonds, and credit bonds to help you reunite with your loved ones as soon as possible. For help paying the often high cost of bonds, we recommend a surety bond, which is where we help you pay the remainder of the bond you cannot afford while receiving 10 percent of the amount for compensation. If you have the full payment but just don’t know how the bail bonds process works and want a trusted agency to help guide you, we are more than happy to help you with that as well. We also provide services such as civil process services, civil and criminal investigations and more performed by our licensed bondsmen. For bail bonds service in Lubbock, TX, call Caprock Bail Bonds at 806-722-2120 today.

Bail Services That We Provide

From misdemeanors to felonies, most charges allow bail or bond. Very rarely does a judge declare no bail unless a defendant is an immediate threat to society. The level of your charge determines your bail. For example, Class A misdemeanors will be more expensive than Class C, and 3rd-degree felonies are more expensive than state felonies. Texas classifies their misdemeanors and felonies differently than other states do. That is why we have provided a handy list of bail bonds service types we provide in Lubbock, TX based on what you were arrested for, not the charge. Just click on the link to learn more or call us at 806-722-2120.

  • Emergency 24-hour Bail Bonds Get your bail posted whenever you need it at any time of the day with our emergency 24-hour bail bond service.
  • Felony Bail If you have been arrested and charged with a felony, you will need felony bail.
  • Misdemeanor Bail Misdemeanor bail will be less expensive than felony bail.
  • Drug Charge Bail Whether you were arrested for possession, manufacture, or selling of drugs, you will need drug charges bail.
  • Weapons Violation Bail A weapons violation is being in possession of a prohibited weapon like brass knuckles or a bowie knife, or not having the license to own and carry it, like a gun.
  • DWI Bail Bonds Many people, unfortunately, get arrested for DWIs and DUIs. If you need DWI bail bond, contact us today.
  • Immigration Bail Bonds If ICE has arrested you and you need immigration bail bonds, call us today. We speak both English and Spanish.
  • Assault Bail Bonds Assault and battery are both classified as misdemeanors in Texas. Aggravated assault, like with a weapon, is a felony.
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds If you have been arrested for domestic violence and need bail, call our office for help today.
  • Theft Charge Bail The level of misdemeanor theft charges are based on the worth of the amount of property you stole.
  • Probation Violation Bail If you were out on probation and violated the rules of your freedom, you will be arrested and need probation violation bail.

Reliable Bail Bonds Service

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Our Bail Bonds Service Will Get You Out Of Prison and Reunite You With Your Family

We go above and beyond other competing bail bond agencies and offer emergency 24-hour bail services. Other places are only open when the courthouses are open on weekdays. We are open day or night and on weekends because you can get arrested at any time. For fast jail bail service and knowledgeable, licensed bail bond agents, Caprock Bail Bonds is the bail bonds service agency to call. Be mindful that bail has its own set of rules you must follow, and if you break them, bail may be revoked and you can be placed in jail again. Use your time out of jail wisely by contacting a lawyer and preparing for your upcoming court date. If you need bail bonds service in Lubbock, TX, call us today at 806-722-2120.