Emergency 24 Hour Bail Bonds Help

Police like to say that “crime doesn’t have a curfew” and that arrests can happen at any time of the day. This is proven true as people get arrested for drunk driving at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon or from a probation violation at 4 am. No matter what time you were arrested or find out your bail, Caprock Bail Bonds is available all day, every day to help you get released from jail. Our bail bondsmen are waiting at the phone for you to call us at 806-722-2120 as soon as you need help posting bail. We are a 24-hour bail bonds company in Lubbock, TX that will secure your release as soon as your bail is set.

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Fast Jail Bail Service

While most emergency bail bonds call we get are for DUIs and other alcohol-related matters, you can reach out to us anytime for any bail situation. You could have snapped and hit your cousin at the family barbecue and got arrested for assault and need to be bailed out quickly. Or if you have been arrested by ICE, we provide fast jail bail services for immigration bonds so you can begin consulting with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Here at Caprock Bail Bonds, we don’t judge you for what you were arrested for. Our only goal is reuniting you with your family as quickly as possible as soon as your bail has been set by the court.

Call Us For Emergency 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Many other bail bond companies are only open during the day to coincide when the courts are open. This puts people arrested at night or on weekends at a huge disadvantage as they not only have to wait to the next weekday to see a judge and be set bail, but to contact a bail bondsman. Here at Caprock Bail Bonds, we are open 24 hours a day, so the minute you find out your bail and find a way to pay, we can provide bail bonds and help to release the incarcerated person from jail. If you are in Lubbock, TX and need 24 hour bail bonds, Caprock Bail Bonds is the bail bond agency to call at 806-722-2120.