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A Failed Drug Test Can Result In You Needing Probation Violation Bail Bond Services

Probation is the suspension of jail time in return for a criminal to remain in society under the supervision of a probation officer. While under probation, you must follow court-ordered rules and check in with your probation officer, submitting random drug tests and other requirements to make sure you are not violating your set conditions under the allotted time frame. If you do happen to break one of the set rules, it is called probation violation, and you may be issued a warning, court order, a fine, revoked probation, or jail time. If you have been placed in jail for violating your probation and need probation violation bail bonds service in Lubbock, TX, call Caprock Bail Bonds at 806-722-2120 today.

What is a Probation Bond?

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You Could Up In Jail For Violating Your Probation and Have To Post A Large Bond To Be Released

A probation bond is when you are arrested for violating your probation and placed in jail. The price amount of bond varies depending on the original crime, a reason for violating, and leniency of your judge. Bond for probation violators is usually set higher to make it harder to post bail, as judges don’t want you released as they view you a danger to society since you broke their trust with the freedom they gave you on probation. Be warned that it is harder to post bond for probation violation bail, so the help of bail bondsmen like Caprock Bail Bonds are often needed to pay the enormous charges. The most common reasons for probation violation are:

  • Committing a new crime: Random drug tests are given and if you fail, you violate your parole. Any petty crimes like theft or speeding also constitute a reason for your probation to get canceled.
  • Failing to complete a court-ordered treatment program: All DUI and drug arrests require individuals to undergo a treatment program. Failure to do so places you in jail.
  • Making unlawful contact with the victim: This is often seen in cases of sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence.
  • Failing to report or maintain contact with the probation officer: Not checking in with your probation officer raises red flags, obviously.
  • Moving out of the area without permission or knowledge of the court or probation officer: This makes it seem like you are on the run.
  • Violating any specific condition of probation: Some probation sentences could require specific conditions, like wearing an ankle monitor or house arrest. Failure to comply leads to arrest.

Get Probation Violation Bail Bond Today

Most people convicted of crimes don’t get probation, so those who do are very lucky. Violating probation upsets judges greatly, raising bond and making you stay in jail longer. If you or a loved one is needing probation violation bail bonds service in Lubbock, TX, call Caprock Bail Bonds at 806-722-2120 today.