Common Problems of Imprisonment

Handcuffed Hands Gripping Bars.

If in Jail, You Must Deal with Any Number of Prison Problems, Not the Least of Which Are Financial.

Arrest and imprisonment are, in themselves, serious problems. However, the worst consequences of jail are often the problems that develop as a result of incarceration. Imprisonment can happen to practically anyone. Even a misdemeanor, such as a first DUI, will land a person in jail. If you’re not prepared, at least mentally, further issues develop from the moment incarceration begins. As for long-term incarceration, prison problems become definitely amplified.

Problems Associated with Arrest and Imprisonment

Whether you’re held for pre-trial detention, or served a heavy sentence for a conviction, there are certain prison problems and collateral consequences of arrest that everyone must confront.

  • Financial Stress: Arrest comes with many associated costs, including restitution and court fees, and any fines that the judge assigns. If your imprisonment is long enough to cost you your job, then these problems become greatly magnified.
  • Employment Difficulty: Many, many employers want nothing to do with former inmates. Though arguably a form of discrimination, it’s perfectly legal for a business to refuse you employment based on your criminal record. If you were tagged with a felony, finding a well-paying job can feel next to impossible.
  • No Student Loans: If you were convicted of a drug-related charge, you can no longer receive financial assistance to attend school. You are also denied access to the federal loans that many students rely upon.
  • Denial of Other Benefits: Depending on where you live, food stamps, federal housing aid, and other forms of governmental assistance may be unavailable to felons and those convicted of drug charges.
  • Family Issues: An arrest can prove very trying on a marriage. The partner not incarcerated becomes responsible for everything: finances, childcare, the upkeep of the home, everyday errands and tasks, and much, much more.
  • Loss of Basic Rights: Though highly controversial, many states will prevent felons from casting a vote or owning a firearm. Though these rights are supposedly guaranteed for all citizens, convicted felons face very stiff penalties if they try to vote or get caught with a gun.

Unfortunately, the only recourse for all of these drawbacks is to avoid arrest. Luckily, some of the prison problems can be averted with a little preparation. To help offset the financial difficulty of missed work, court costs, lawyer fees, and more, you can seek insurance in the form of arrest protectionOf course, if you trust our team for a bail bond, you can avoid many of the problems associated with incarceration. For fast jail release, count on the expert team at Caprock Bail Bonds. We’re your number one source for bail bonds in Lubbock, TX, so call us today at 806-722-2120.